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Tokajská spoločnosť Viničky s.r.o.
Tokajská 191/5
076 31 Viničky
Tokaj spontaneous wine
Dry SpontaneousSpontaneous dry

  • This wine is made from the late harvest of Furmint and Lipovina grapes without removing the cibéb raisins.
  • It ages in wooden barrels for three to four years and is then bottled. This production process makes it into dry wine of an exceptional quality.
  • Recommended as an aperitif served with roast meat, game and fish.
  Sweet SpontaneousSweet spontaneous

  • It is the type of spontaneous wine where, after fermentation, so much sugar remains from the cibéb raisins that it becomes a sweet wine of exceptional quality.
  • This type almost reaches the same standard of quality as the three puttons selection.
  • We recommend serving it with desserts, cheese and after coffee.