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Tokajská spoločnosť Viničky s.r.o.
Tokajská 191/5
076 31 Viničky
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Tokaj selection
Tokaj Selection 3 puttonsSpontaneous dry

  • A full, settled, harmonious wine with a pleasant aroma and the taste of cibéb raisins.
  • ZIts residual sugar is at least 60 g/1 l.
  • Yellow amber colour.
  Tokaj Selection 4 puttonsTokay Selection 4-putňový

  • An extractive, pleasant sweet wine with a minimum sugar content of 90 g /1 with an interesting taste of cibéb raisins.
  • Its sugar, acids and alcohol go well together and create a harmonious whole.
  • Yellow amber colou.

Tokaj Selection 5 puttonsTokay Selection 5-putňový

  • A high quality, complex wine. Its main elements are perfectly tuned and create a harmonious, solid whole.
  • Its natural sugar content from the cibéb raisins is at least 120 g1 l.
  • It has a strong, amber colour.
  Tokaj Selection 6 puttonsTokay Selection 6-putňový

  • A highly extractive wine, with a distinctive cibéb raisins bready aroma.
  • Its high residue sugar content of 150 g/1 is harmonised with its acids and alcohol content.
  • Its essence character is displayed in its taste. It is a precious, complex wine.