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Tokajská spoločnosť Viničky s.r.o.
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Tokaj grape variety wines
Dry Lipovina TokajTokaj Lipovina dry

  • Made from the Lipovina variety. Over two years, it ages in wooden casks before being bottled.
  • It has a pleasant, delicate taste.
  • We recommend serving it with soup, stuffed cabbage, chicken...
  Medium-sweet Lipovina TokajSemi-sweet Tokaj Lipovina

  • Made from Lipovina, bottled after two years of ageing.
  • Its characteristic features are its delicate, elegant acids, delicate, elegant taste and the aroma of barrelled wine.
  • We recommend serving it with desserts and whipped cream sundaes.

Dry Furmint TokajTokaj Furmint dry

  • Made from the Furmint variety, bottled after two years of ageing in wooden casks.
  • It is a striking wine with special tastes and aroma.
  • Recommended with meals, after a warm starter (cheese and mushroom omelettes, cheese pancakes, fried liver, innards, meat in sauce).
  Medium-sweet Furmint TokajSemi-sweet Tokaj Furmint

  • Made from Lipovina, bottled after two years of ageing.
  • It is our medium-sweet wine with a pleasant sugar and acid content which gives it Its characteristic taste and aroma.
  • Recommended with salty and cheesy breadstuff.

Yellow Muscat TokajYellow semi-sweet geranium

  • It comes from the third main variety of Muscat Lunel. After a short ageing in wooden casks, it is bottled and becomes our elegant medium-sweet wine with a Muscat aroma.
  • It is the most popular Tokaj wine.
  • Recommended with cakes and desserts at parties.