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Tokajská spoločnosť Viničky s.r.o.
Tokajská 191/5
076 31 Viničky
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Profile and history of company
The Tokajská spoločnosť Viničky s.r.o. company deals with processing Tokaj grape varieties and the production, sale and distribution of Tokaj wine.
Since challenges have to be met, on April 24th 2001, the Tokajská spoločnosť Viničky s.r.o. company was founded, whose executive director is Mr. Štefan Duč from the village of Bara, which is incidentally a significant village in the Tokaj wine region.

The idea behind the company's foundation, whose activity would contribute to the development and support for the Tokaj wine area, was born in the mind of Mr. Duč as a challenge. Since his childhood, he had been familiar with concepts such as wine, Tokaj, Tokaj area… at home, at his father's, at his grandfather's, who grew grape varieties used to produce Tokaj wine in their private vineyards. He could not imagine that in the future he would devote himself to this activity as a specialised producer and processor.

At present the production of Tokaj wine and the processing of Tokaj grape varieties have become his main focus, taking into account the respect for traditional recipes and the high level of work and quality of Tokaj wine.
The company's aim is also to develop new technologies for the production of wine, mainly on the level of controlled fermentation which is based on well-developed French wine companies and continuing in the traditions of the Tokaj region, and bringing the "TOKAJ" label to the domestic and international market.
Since our company places its primary emphasis on quality, it obtained the ISO 9001 Certificate of Quality in 2006, which acts as a guarantee of the high level of quality of the procedures for the production and processing of Tokaj wine.

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